Pasadena's Fightin' High Schoolers Make It Easy For The Cops

Ever since YouTube has been around, high school kids have been posting videos of fights.

And ever since law enforcement figured that out, they've been using the videos to make arrests since, you know, the evidence is pretty much staring them in the face.

Latest example, via KHOU: Dobie High in Pasadena.

Two related November fights -- one between two girls, one between two boys, neither of them exactly UFC-highlight material -- found their way to the net.

And they came to the attention of the local constable's office, and so charges will likely be filed.

"We got their names on here and we got video. We'll charge those two and the other two on that," an officer told the station. "The very minimum is fighting in public, which is against the law. Being on that property is also against the law. It belongs to the MUD district."

Oh, now you've pissed off the MUD district, kids. Beware.

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