And to think we thought Otto was the coolest.

Pass the Mike

We end the day with the tale of one ass-kicking bus driver. The details come from a Houston Independent School District press release, so do us a favor and mouth the word "allegedly" at the end of every sentence.

Last night Ann Lewis was driving 12 members of the Madison High School girls' basketball team home when she noticed a car following her bus. As the bus pulled up to a traffic light, a dude got out of the car and began to pound on the door of the yellow submarine, prompting Lewis to take off and radio for backup.

Next stop light, same story, but this time the dude ran up to the driver's window with a gun in his hand, so Lewis chunked her microphone at the guy and floored it.

The man got back in his car and kept following the bus to Madison High, where HISD police arrested him. Inside the car they found a loaded handgun, pornography and condoms. (It's good to see those safe-sex public service announcements are working.)

Ann Lewis, you kick ass. May your days be bright and the back of your head free from spitballs. — Keith Plocek

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