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Patriots WR Julian Edelman Creates Hilarious NFL-Star Wars Mashup (w/ VIDEO)

In this day and age of YouTube, where we can watch pretty much anything we want to any time we want to from a device that we are holding in our hands, for upcoming blockbuster films, the release of its movie trailer is sometimes greeted with almost as much enthusiasm as the movie itself.

And the best movie trailers make us drool in anticipation of whatever movie it is they are selling to us.

The internet experienced that sensation this past week when the creators of the upcoming Star Wars movie released the second trailer for Episode 7 ("The Force Awakens" if you're into the exact moniker for the various chapters in the series). This one received particular praise for the inclusion of a 70-something Harrison Ford in the final few seconds.

Here's the trailer:

I have to admit, as a nearly 40 year fan of the Star Wars films, it moved a little bit seeing Han and Chewie in the final shot there. I almost felt like I was welcoming them home myself! "So good to have both of you back home! Park the Falcon in front of the house! The Empire ain't handing out parking tickets anymore, boys!"

So that was nice. I'm guessing we will get another trailer sometime soon, maybe when we least expect it. I am somewhat fearful we may get a 60-something Mark Hamill or Carrie Fisher, but we're gonna have to watch them for extended minutes come Christmas anyway, so we may as well get it out of the way.

Well, as if the trailer release itself wasn't enough joy for one day, little did I know that there's an NFL player who likes to make satire videos. Julian Edelman, wide receiver for the New England Patriots, who was last seen passed out in bed in the background of a picture on some chick's Tinder account, has his own YouTube channel where he posts funny homemade satire videos.

Not only does Edelman have the YouTube channel, but he has an actual sense of humor and solid comedic timing. I mean, anybody can have a YouTube channel, but only a select few can actually make their channel compelling and funny!

So along those lines, Edelman released this take off of the Star Wars trailer -- ladies and gentleman, here is Star Pats....

Ok, hilarious, and the best part is easily the part where Luke Skywalker's voice says "my sister has it" and the video shows Tom Brady. Kudos, Julian Edelman! The only way to make that better would've been if he had used a picture of Brady in a turtleneck sweater holding a kitten or something.

By the way, a quick perusal of Edelman's YouTube channel shows this spoof on the opening credits for Growing Pains, a Patriots edition....

And this hilarious video starring Edelman and running back Shane Vereen making "Best Friend Smoothies". So good....

Julian Edelman, hilarious video producer. Who knew?!?

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