Continental Airlines gets involved.
Continental Airlines gets involved.

Patti LaBelle Airport Brawl: Her Son Can Sue Continental Airlines for Overserving West Point Cadet

Pattil LaBelle's son will be able to accuse Continental Airlines in court of overserving the West Point cadet who got in a fight with the singer's entourage.

Zuri Edwards, who is also his mother's bodyguard, was one of the people sued by the cadet, Richard King. LaBelle and several others have filed countersuits in federal court, saying King was drunk and used racial slurs when he encountered the star in her limousine at Bush Intercontinental last March.

Security-cam video shows King being severely beaten by members of the entourage, and Houston cops laughing and posing with LaBelle rather than doing much investigating of the incident.

Edwards's request to file a claim against Continental was approved by U.S. District Judge Keith Ellison last week.

"Edwards argues that Continental served King with alcoholic beverages 'to the point where he became so inebriated that King presented a danger to himself and others,'" Ellison wrote.

Ellison ruled the complaint had substance and granted a motion allowing it to be filed.

King, who was suspended from West Point due to the incident, has said he had a few beers on the flight.

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