Patti LaBelle Fires Back: Cadet Was Drunk, Racist and Sexist, She Says

Patti LaBelle, who has been maintaining silence ever since a West Point cadet sued her and her entourage for beating him up at Bush Intercontinental Airport, has finally said something.

Well, her lawyer has. And it came in the form of a countersuit filed in federal court here that claims the cadet was drunk and called her racist and sexist names before the altercation that was caught on video. (Beginning at the 1:30 mark.)

The suit says the cadet, Richard King (he has since been suspended from West Point), was "obviously" drunk and tried to enter LaBelle's car and then made "profane and racial slurs toward" her on March 11.

LaBelle's son, the suit says, told King he was talking to his mother. "Without warning or provocation, King violently and deliberately punched Edwards in the face," the suit says.

King's lawyer responded:

Ms. LaBelle and company are continuing to attack an innocent man by telling the same false story they told the police. Thank goodness we have the surveillance videotape, which speaks volumes, and neutral eyewitnesses who will testify that Richard was brutally assaulted without provocation.

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