Paul Harsfai, The Estate Sale Of The Century, Part II?

Earlier this summer we told you about the Estate Sale of the Century, involving a Rice Village house crammed to the ceilings with all sorts of collectible stuff, from action figures to clocks to religious icons to shelves of vinyl albums.

Now comes the news that there may be more where that came from.

"I think there is a stash of things in an undisclosed location (I need to look into that)," Rodney Hooper tells Hair Balls.

Hooper only recently discovered that his friend -- and collector supreme -- Paul Harsfai had made him the beneficiary of some 401(k) accounts. In Googling for more news, he stumbled across our item.

He left a comment:

Paul was a great guy. He and I shared many years together. Paul loved his things and he and I loved finding and collecting things just to protect them and cherish them for their history and their stories. He was born in 1947 not 1900. Unfortunately Paul didn't plan for his early departure and he didn't tell me he was sick (he didn't want me to worry) so all of our collecting and treasures were just thrown to the masses

We contacted him, and asked why Harsfai, an architect, seemingly hadn't made any plans for getting rid of his massive collection of stuff.

"Well, I think he thought he did when he listed me as beneficiary, but then he passed so suddenly (he didn't tell me that he was sick) I couldn't make any arragements and everything (I think) was auctioned off," Hooper told us via e-mail.

But possibly not everything, as noted. There's still that secret location to check out.

"Paul loved art of any form," he say. "He was very fond of toys, trains especially."

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