Was Paulina Rubio wearing these boots at the time?
Was Paulina Rubio wearing these boots at the time?

Paulina Rubio Knees Dude in Groin, Leaves Contusions, Lawsuit Says

There's nothing like a Gran City Pop to the balls, we're guessing.

There's one man who says he knows: Houstonian Hector Vela says Latina singing sensation Paulina Rubio delivered a knee right to his babymakers last month at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Rubio and Vela were on the same flight from Miami April 26, which landed here a little before 10 p.m.

The two got into a dispute over Vela taking a photo of Rubio, who, according to the lawsuit, then approached Vela with her two bodyguards (becoming "irritated, abusive and violent," the suit says), grabbed his camera and then said hello to his little friends.

"Defendant forcefully struck Plaintiff's groin-area with her knee, causing him pain and contusions," the suit says.

Pain goes away, but contusions are forever. (Not really.)

The suit doesn't say whether Vela tried to get Rubio to autograph his contused balls, but it does ask for $75,000 in monetary relief.

The suit also calls for a restraining order so that Rubio, who kept Vela's camera, doesn't destroy anything on it. Vela is a photographer by trade, for what it's worth.

Vela's suit notes that Rubio "has a history of confrontations," citing alleged altercations between the singer and a photographer in 2008, a cop in 2011 and an assistant in 2012.

Rubio has not answered the suit yet.

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