Pay Andre Johnson's Fine: Dept. Of Really Bad Ideas, Call For You On Line One

You knew this was coming -- someone is mounting a campaign to pay the $25,000 fine Texan Andre Johnson got for aggressively invading the personal space of Titan Cortland Finnegan Sunday.

The website 25for80.com has set up the account, with the above very earnest video introduction.

"I thought it would be super cool to stand in solidarity with Johnson by paying the fine," is the spiel.

Taylor Gahm says he realizes Johnson doesn't need the money, but "it's not about the money, it's about the principal."

Of course, one would think that Johnson would donate any money received this way to some charitable enterprise, so in the end it's probably a good thing.

But, you know, there are more deserving charities out there than NFL millionaires.

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