PBK Architects Brings Its "Build Big" Sales Job To League City

PBK Architects, the Houston firm that's in a messy battle because it wanted to build Taj Mahal facilities at a suburban Austin district and that is making Fort Bend parents uneasy with plans to build a Taj Mahal science facility there (official estimate from the superintendent: It's going "to cost some"), is at it again.

Now it wants to convince League City to build a $289 million "town center" project containing a new city hall, library, police and fire HQs, courthouse and swimming pool.

Because why not?

The Galveston County Daily News reports at least some League Citians were taken aback:

Replacing the existing city hall complex with all new buildings and infrastructure would be a tough sell to League City residents, said Tommy Cones, council member.

The buildings are only about 40 years old and the police station was last renovated in 2003, according to the study.

"I think it would be a difficult task to sell knocking down every city facility you have and rebuilding all of them," Cones said.

You're just not thinking The PBK Way, dude!!

The plan will be discussed in a series of workshops, one of which we sincerely hope is entitled "How the hell are we gonna pay for this?"

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