Get off my lawn!!!!!!!!
Get off my lawn!!!!!!!!
Photo via Swamplot

Peach Tree Of Death In West U

You don't mess with the fruit tree in this West U front yard, by God, or you will pay the price.

The ever-delightful Swamplot blog posted this picture, sent in from a fan. It seems a little wimpy, since it involves high-tech cameras instead of "This tree protected by me, Smith, and Wesson," but after all it is the tony confines of West U.

The homeowners probably hired an illegal immigrant to sit around with a camera, come to think of it.

The commenters on Swamplot were not impressed:

-- "BTW, squirrels can't read."

-- "I love the almost biblical Old Testament feel to the sign, coupled with high tech modern monitoring, God would be proud."

-- "I really want to put a sign facing the "Camera" which screams, 'I drink your fruit smoothie! I drink it up!'"

Oh, and they schooled Swamplot on the difference between a fig tree and a peach tree.


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