Pearland Makes List of Most Affordable Suburbs in America

Houston has been and continues to be one of the most affordable cities in which to hang your hat long-term. Though housing prices inside the Loop have been escalating rapidly over the past five years, housing can still be had on the relative cheap as compared to other cities around the country. Add to that plentiful jobs and a generally robust economy, and you have the makings of a pretty good place to live economically.

It is also true that much of our affordability comes at a cost, namely sprawl (we can debate smog, traffic, humidity and hurricanes on another day), with communities spread all over the 600-plus square-mile radius we call home. One of those communities was recently ranked on a list of the most affordable suburbs in America, and would you believe it was Pearland?

That's right, Pearland ranked No. 4 on a top-ten list that included cities in Texas, Indiana, Colorado and Oklahoma (what, no Cali?). Pearland was particularly lauded for having the lowest food costs of any suburb in the rankings. I guess they weren't counting Killen's Steakhouse (which, for its food alone, should make Pearland No. 1).

Interestingly enough, three San Antonio 'burbs -- Cibolo, Universal City and Schertz -- also made the top ten. Also of note is that Moore, Oklahoma, site of the devastating tornado this past summer, was at No. 2. Another suburb of Oklahoma City, Midwest City, took top honors.

While all of these are seemingly pleasant places, none would exactly be called a home destination. Still, if you are looking for a cheap place to live, Pearland might be one to consider. After all, it's only about 20 minutes from Houston.

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