Pearland Police Statue a Copy of Sugar Land's, Lawsuit Claims

Sugar Land sculptor Bob Pack created the statue in front of Sugar Land police headquarters, and he's claiming a competitor copied the design for a statue for the Pearland police department.

Pack has filed a federal suit against Matt Glenn of Big Statues, a Utah company, saying that he ripped off The Guardian, which Pack installed in front of SLPD's home in 1996.

In 2009, the suit says, Pearland wanted a statue in front of its police building and sent photos of The Guardian to Glenn.

"Working directly from the photos of The Guardian, defendants were able to cut several months off their usual time for creating a statue and to meet a deadline set by Pearland," the suit says.

The design in question isn't exactly groundbreaking or wildly abstract -- it's a police officer with a young child. But the two statues are similar.

On Glenn's Web site, he says his works are "completely one of a kind."

Of the Pearland statue, the site says, "[W]e sculpted larger than life bronze statues of a police officer and child with the greatest attention to not just physical detail, but emotional power."

The suit asks for unspecified financial damages in connection with any profits made on the Pearland statue by Big Statues and any further sales it made via picturing the statue on its Web site.

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