Pedro Martinez, 21, Bayou Body Count No. 62

If your name is Omar Sebastian Garcia and you were at Sunny's Flea Market on Saturday afternoon, you'd better run like hell. The long-arm of the law is out to getcha.

Harris County Sheriff's detectives have filed murder charges against the 20-year-old Garcia for allegedly stabbing to death his relative through marriage.

Authorities say they don't know where Garcia is, but the hunt is on.

According to court records, Pedro Martinez, 21, was with his brother and a couple of other guys at the flea market, located at 8705 Airline Drive in north Houston, when they saw Martinez's brother-in-law walking along with his brother, Garcia. Martinez and his brother-in-law then started yelling at each other.

The argument quickly turned into a physical fight, authorities say, and Garcia suddenly ran over to the two men and allegedly started stabbing Martinez with a knife. Martinez was able to escape, but collapsed several hundred feet away, where he died. Garcia then fled.

Martinez's brother told deputies that he recognized Garcia and has known him since they were kids. Court records show that Garcia has no prior criminal history in Harris County.

Anyone with information about this case can call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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