PenderCast, the Epilogue: Readers Add Broadcast Feeds to My Revolutionary New Football Network

People laugh at some of the ideas that I threw out there in my post yesterday where I constructed my own version of ESPN's Megacast for the college football national championship game.

Yes, most of the ideas were tongue in cheek, generated for a chuckle (except for GambleCast, which I truly think and have thought for a long time would work) or the random complimentary tweet.

But if there's one thing I've learned in my 44 years on earth, never say never on anything. So when you see the Iron Sheik with his own commentary feed on ESPN in, like, three years, you'll know who told you first!

So, that said, I wanted to give you the reader an opportunity to spitball some more ideas for the PenderCast (which will now be the name of my MegaCast). I gathered a few of the best ones, and here they are:

DRINKING GAMECAST (courtesy of @Cody_Love on Twitter): Create a drinking game for four different people, perhaps one male and one female student from each of the schools playing in the game, and treat it as a "last man/woman standing" situation. Breathalyzers or maybe even a perpetual breath apparatus to track each player's BAC on a scroll at the bottom of the screen would be necessary.

"DOESNT KNOW FOOTBALL" CAST (also, courtesy of @Cody_Love on Twitter): A room with a bunch of foreigners, some sorority girls and/or a few grandmothers where they are forced to watch the game from start to finish and make observations. If there is silence for any longer than five seconds, someone gets tased.

TWITTERCAST (courtesy of our own @jeffbalke on Twitter!): Broadcasters must speak in blurbs of less than 140 characters and then let someone else comment. If someone goes over 140 characters, he gets tased. (I would demand Skip Bayless broadcast on this channel. Also, as you can tell, I'm big on tasing being a staple of the PenderCast.)

GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CAST (courtesy of @jgoss1971 on Twitter): Aaron Hernandez, O.J. Simpson and Rae Carruth are on a three-way split screen and miked up. All three predict the final score; whoever comes closest gets paroled. The other two get tased.

STRIPCAST (also, courtesy of @jgoss1971 on Twitter): Gather up relevant hot women from the participating schools (girlfriends, hot moms, cheerleaders, viral goddesses, coaches' wives) and make rules whereby clothes must come off when their school or associated player does something detrimental. Frankly, I can't believe the Playboy Channel hasn't done something like this. (Is there still a Playboy Channel?) Also, know that hypothetically, the women involved for this game would have included Katherine Webb (Auburn grad and Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron's girlfriend), Kristi Malzahn (Auburn head coach Gus's wife), and Jenn Sterger (Florida State super-fan).

MILESCAST (courtesy of @LandOfSteve on Twitter): Les Miles with a single camera on him, miked up, and asked continual questions by someone off camera about game management, clock management and random Cajun recipes. Would this work?



...and yes!

All of you listed above better get on the phone with a good patent lawyer right now (especially if you thought of StripCast), because there's a decent chance at least one of these ideas will be stolen within the next two years.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.