People Think A Plastic-Bag Ban Is Terrible, Plastic-Bag Industry Reports

Brownsville is getting ready to implement a ban on plastic bags in supermarkets, under an ordinance passed earlier this year.

You know who doesn't like that? The American Chemistry Council, which we're sure just deals with the wonders of chemistry and how it can improve lives, through the use of, say, plastic bags.

The ACC know that people love their plastic bags, so they commissioned a survey of 300 Brownsville residents and found -- amazingly -- that people agree with them!! They hate banning plastic bags!!

"Slightly more than half (51 percent) of the respondents in the survey would like to see the ban repealed or postponed, while only 28 percent support the ban. The remaining survey respondents were undecided," the ACC announced today.

Three-fourths of the residents use plastic bags to take groceries home, the survey said, but the magnificent Mother Earth-loving aspects of the items doesn't end there.

"Nearly nine in ten (88 percent) reuse plastic bags at home for trash can liners, cleaning up after pets and other duties," the report said. "More than eight in ten (83 percent) are aware that they can recycle plastic bags at major retail and grocery stores, such as Walmart and HEB."

"This survey demonstrates that the City Commission is out of step with Brownsville voters," said the ACC's Rudy Underwood. "The citizens of Brownsville clearly oppose banning this valued product that most people rely on and then reuse in their homes."

Wow, good thing the results came out like they did, or the ACC would have had real egg on its face.

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