Pernell Dwayne McCardell: Don't Try To Carjack A Uniformed Police Dispatcher

We don't claim to be criminal masterminds here, but we think we can offer two pieces of advice:  If you're going to try to carjack somebody, pick ANYONE other than a person in a police uniform.

Just as a corollary to that, if you do somehow manage to attempt (and fail) to carjack a uniformed police department employee, don't jump in your car and follow him...as he drives to the freaking police station.

Luckily for society as a whole, Pernell Dwayne McCardell, 33, didn't follow these simple rules in Hitchcock early Sunday morning.

The Galveston County Daily News reports that McCardell and another man flagged down Brandon Scott, 18, a uniformed dispatcher for the Hitchcock PD, as he was headed home from the late shift about 2 a.m. Sunday.

When he stopped, they tried to carjack him. Apparently the thinking was "Okay, we can't carjack an actual cop, so we'll settle for this guy in a police-looking uniform."

Scott pulled away, as the pair tried to jump in the back of his pickup. The two then hopped in a car and followed him.

Scott, no dummy (and also, obviously, someone who knows how to work police calls) had contacted the Hitchcock police and drove to the station.

When McCardell and his partner pulled up to see him talking to an officer, they took off. Not for long, though:

With a patrol unit behind them, the passenger jumped from the car and ran about 50 feet into the hood of a patrol car, where he was captured, [HPD chief Clay] Kennelly said.

Another officer chased the driver, who stopped about two blocks from the police station, Scott and Kennelly said.

"He tries to jump a steep ditch along (state) Highway 6, but he lands wrong on the other side and dislocates his hip and brakes a femur," Kennelly said. "He's sprawled out in a lane on Highway 6, and fortunately a car missed him."

"Ran about 50 feet into the hood of a patrol car"? Interesting.

McCardell was the passenger; the driver was taken to the hospital. He has yet to be charged, so his name has not been released.

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