Perry & Palin, Sittin' In A Tree: Empty Seats, Bad Music And Lots Of Old White People

With all the attention focused on yesterday's annual Clash of the Performance Enhanced Titans in Miami, it was easy to overlook the other star-studded exhibition taking place in town. An event that, like the Super Bowl, boasted top-tier entertainment and a boisterous crowd while requiring little in the way of actual thought. I'm speaking, of course, about Governor Rick Perry's "Super Sunday with Sarah Palin" rally at the Berry Center in Cypress.

If I'm going to be charitable about it, I'd say the center was filled to slightly over half its 8,500-seat capacity. Most of the rear of the arena was empty, as was about three-quarters of the floor, which had been sectioned off for presumably more teeming masses. Speaking with some of those in attendance, it also became apparent that this number would have been dramatically lower without Palin's presence. Some folks had come from as far away as San Antonio and Austin to hear her speak.

I didn't ask how many were there to see Ted Nugent.

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