Perry Spokesperson Welcomes Obama to Texas. Perry Himself? Not So Much

Sometimes, silence truly is deafening. Rick Perry spends an awful lot of time engaging anyone who will listen around the country on why they ought to move to Texas. It's good for business. We got lots o' guns. We let you live the way you want to live. We don't have no dad-gum income taxes. We're just right simple folk who want your money and your business.

He'll also offer his opinions on Medicare, personal freedom, religion and, especially, guns. He'll talk about that stuff until he's blue in the face...or in his case red, given his political leanings. But when it comes to President Obama's visit to Texas this week, mum's the word. Well, not exactly. Perry deferred to his spokesperson on this one. In the case of Obama, he'd rather speak softly and carry a big AR-15.

The Governor's office released this statement on Monday from Lucy Nashed:

"We welcome President Obama to Texas -- he will find a state that has been very successful in creating jobs and a healthy state economy. Texas' combination of a balanced budget, low taxes, predictable regulations, meaningful tort reform and an education system that promotes the STEM fields and prepares our workforce to compete for the jobs of the future is a blueprint for job creation for other states and our nation."


Hey, we all love the Lone Star State. Hell, we're unabashed in our feelings for Texas. But it is a tad funny that our governor chooses to issue a statement through his spokesperson when the President comes a-callin'. We're betting if the President were a Republican, Perry would roll out the red carpet, bake him a pie, take him to his personal gun range for a little target practice and give him some tips on how to keep your hair from moving in the Texas breeze (hint: gel and lots of it).

Oh, well. We're guessing Obama will find most of Texas hospitable enough for a visit. He may not get a personal audience with His Governorship this time around, but at least he got a statement from his spokesperson. That's literally the least Perry could have done.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.