Perry's Getting His Presidential Hair Ready Early, Railing Against Obamacare, Appearing in Iowa

He's vacating the governor's office after this term is up in January 2015, but it looks like Gov. Rick Perry has no intention of letting that perfect mop of political hair languish in retirement. Judging by the smoke signals from his most recent forays into media, Perry is looking at another presidential run.

Of course, none of this is a shock. You don't spend as much time shouting down all things Obamacare if you aren't trying to get some attention and to make sure people see you as more than "that other Texas Republican with presidential aspirations."

While spending some time in Iowa over the weekend, Perry popped up on ABC's This Week, eagerly reprimanding the president for his apology over the failures in rolling out the Affordable Care Act website. This is a familiar song and dance for Perry, but you can see that he's really putting his all into it as Sen. Ted Cruz continues to make a name for himself by opposing Obamacare in Washington D.C.

Like Cruz, who so recently revealed so much of himself in an interview with The Des Moines Register (and we're being sarcastic here, because the only interesting thing we learned from the Cruz interview is that Cruz really likes The Princess Pride), Perry dropped a couple of bombshells while taking his turn at the cuddliest interview ever. It turns out he doesn't dress up for Halloween anymore, and, like Indiana Jones, he's terrified of snakes. We're shocked over here, truly agog over such revelations, but maybe they're the sort of thing that will endear him to the Iowa voters he so thoroughly underwhelmed back in 2012. Back over on This Week, Perry revealed that he believes the American people are very forgiving and will totally overlook those minor missteps and let him have another run at the White House. It's not impossible -- look at Clinton and W -- but it's still the kind of sweet naiveté that comes with wanting the presidency that makes Hair Balls want to pat him on the head (we dream of touching The Hair) and have someone buy him a pony. But that's all in the future. He's still got lots of time to helm the Lone Star State, make anti-Washington ads and hone his skills as being the Republican who gets along with people better than Cruz and looks more presidential than Gov. Chris Christie.

Right now, Perry says that he, of course, has no plans to run at the present time -- the present time being, in his words, "a bit premature" -- but it looks like the national stage hasn't seen the last version of Perry's presidential hopes, or that gorgeous hair.

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