Perv Learns Lesson: Don't Mess with Lake Jackson Teens; They'll Spit in Your Face

You're rolling in your gold-colored SUV and you see a 13-year-old girl walking home from school.

Playa that you are, you ask her if she "needs a ride." Pro tip: First, determine if she's from Lake Jackson. Because apparently Lake Jackson 13-year-olds know how to deal with a-holes like you.

KPRC reports that when a LJ girl recently told an SUV driver that she didn't need a ride, he got out of the car, grabbed her arm and asked her if she was "sure."

"The teen told police that she spit in the man's face and then ran to her mother's workplace," the station said.

Hope it was a massive luggie filled with pollen-produced phlegm!!

Now, of course, spitting on a guy like this might also incite him to violence, so you've got to be careful.

But seeing how pervs like this probably get off on helpless girls squirming in terror, it's nice to see the guy get something in the face.

Remember, girls: A knee to the balls is also very helpful.

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Richard Connelly
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