PetSmart Charities Names Houston One of the Most Adoption-Friendly Cities

PetSmart Charities has named Houston one of the top ten pet adoption-friendly cities in the country.

Houston nabbed the honor after rescue groups here, in conjunction with PetSmart stores, helped find homes for 111 critters over National Adoption Weekend (May 3-5).

Houston came in ninth, while Albuquerque took first place with 288 adoptions. San Antonio and Fort Worth took the seventh and tenth places, respectively.

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More than 15,000 animals found homes over the weekend, according to a PetSmart Charities press release.

"Special kudos to everyone in these top ten cities for going above and beyond to help save the lives of homeless pets," PetSmart Charities Executive Director Jan Wilkins stated in the release.

We have a chance to beat Albuquerque during the next National Adoption Weekend, September 13-15. It'd be really nice to just knock them out of the top ten altogether, as "Albuquerque" is a complete bitch to spell.

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