Photobombs Through the Ages

Photobombing might have reached its peak at the Golden Globes when Michael Douglas PB'd his way into a picture with his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angelina Jolie.

The phenomenon has become popular on the internet, of course, and as with everything else, the youngsters think they invented it all.

But they're wrong.

Photobombing has a proud and glorious history, albeit one that has been largely kept under wraps until now.

We spoke with the Granddaddy of all Photobombers, a man who some might say looks a lot like our Craig Hlavaty, to get the lowdown on his remarkable career. He guided us through eight of his best efforts.

8. Oswald I thought that Jack Ruby was going to like, throw a pie in Lee Harvey's face, so I figured I should tweet out a pic of it. But he shot him instead. That was a weird day.

7. The Moon This one wasn't so hard. I went to school with a dude who built the set, so all I did was text him to get the address.

6. The 1968 Olympics I told the cops I was an Olympic trainer. I guess my hoodie convinced them. I did the Black Power Salute too, LOL.

5. Vietnam This photobomb didn't turn out the best. I thought they were just doing an indie movie or something, but then...yeah.

4. Abu Ghraib That internship with Army IT people had its perks. I got to shoot guns and even help them commit sad human rights atrocities.

3. Muhammad Ali I used my press credentials to get up close. I made out with Ann-Margret at some afterparty. I told her I was in the Hells Angels.

2. The Great Depression They didn't want any of my fries from Smashburger because my tattoos scared them. That and I was watching porn on my phone.

1. Iwo Jima They looked like they needed my help! My friend Joe Rosenthal had a gig shooting the war and I had spring break off, so I went to the Battle of Iwo Jima with him.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.