[Photos] Light Rail Construction Under Cover of Darkness

As light-rail progress on the new North, Downtown, East End and Southeast lines continues, there is a bevy of construction, particularly in the heart of downtown and the theater district. Remarkably, a lot of it is done. The North Line, which extends the current Red Line from UH Downtown out north to Airline, is slated to open in December. The three other lines under construction will be running by next year. No specific date has been set yet, but judging by the progress, it will be earlier in the year rather than later. The Downtown Line runs from the theater district, crossing the Red Line, and over to Minute Maid Park. The East End line continues along the same route as the Downtown and heads out Harrisburg, while the Southeast splits off from the East End line and heads out to the University of Houston.

Because there is so much happening, we sent photographer Groovehouse along some of the lines to shoot the construction, and he came away with some dramatic and fascinating shots. We've posted a few here, but you can see all of them in our slide show.

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