[PHOTOS] Remember How the Rain Was Supposed to Stop? Neither Do We

A funny thing happened on the way to drier weather, a funny thing called Mother Nature. After a fairly quiet late afternoon and evening, and with much of the storms we experienced the last couple days moving mostly off to the east of town, there was reason for optimism, reason to think the rain might let up. Even weather forecasters were predicting a relatively quiet day with limited and scattered rainfall. Then, something happened.

It is true that most of the rain associated with a stalled frontal boundary has moved well to our east, focusing its fury on the area around Beaumont and Lake Charles. They are being pummeled today with the kind of rain we got yesterday. But that doesn't mean our rain chances are over, and a fairly sizable storm moved through the central Houston area around 10 a.m., dropping heavy rain on much of the central and southwest parts of town for a good solid hour. So much for drier conditions.

A number of us around the HP offices looked like we stepped out from under a waterfall and directly into the building. One employee came in dripping and said, "I thought SciGuy said it wasn't going to rain this morning," referring to Chron.com's trusted weather guy, Eric Berger, who we profiled recently and who re-reported in his blog what the National Weather Service forecast early this morning, namely, that we were drying out today.

Our intrepid intern Mitchell Slapik braved the downpour to get photos of the deluge around our part of downtown. He got a new T-shirt and a pat on the back when he returned, but only after he changed because, well, look at the photo. The fruits of his labor follow. Also, our art director Monica Fuentes added a few as well.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.