"Pinch" Hit

We had one question when we heard about


's "More than a Pinch of Fun": Making jokes about the Irish? Come on, isn't that like shooting fish in a barrel?

"Well, I wouldn't say we are making fun of the Irish," says Dianah Dulany, a performer with the improv troupe. "In fact, I am Irish." (Really, with a name like Dulany?) She says the group is relying on more than stereotypes for its St. Patrick's Day show. They'll be taking embarrassing stories from audience members and turning them into limericks, and the group will ask for suggestions around Irish themes. (Demonstrating, Dulany prodded us for a job that a Leprechaun would not likely have. We went with mystery shopper). -- Nick Keppler

ComedySportz isn't the only local arts and entertainment staple taking up new challenges. Our next Night & Day� reports that the Houston Rodeo is making bull riding "Xtreme," Daniel Adame is turning freestyle walking into art and the Brazosport Li'l Players are trying to get through an entire show sober.

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