Weekend Weather: Will the Full Heat of Houston's Summer Finally End?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow your roll there, pumpkin spice guy. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow your roll there, pumpkin spice guy. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Photo by Mike Mozart via Flickr
There is no getting around it. It has been brutally hot in Houston this week. It is, after all, the peak of summer around here, so no real surprise, but it came in a rather odd way. This heat was precipitated by a cool front. It a cruel twist of irony, a front that brought quite pleasant weather to the central plains and northern parts of the United States ushered in the very high pressure that sent temperatures around the Houston area to the century mark and above.

Oh, but it's a dry heat, they'll tell you. So is the air coming out of your oven, but you don't want to sit in it.

Anyway, high pressure will begin to erode as the weekend approaches and more manageable low to mid 90s should return. We also will see a slight increase in rain chances, on par with what we had last weekend. It will be hit and miss with the precipitation, so bring an umbrella if you go out just in case.

The big questions is, when does the first real cool front arrive? Houston often gets its first real burst of autumn in mid-September and almost certainly by the final week of that month. Some recent fall preview forecasts have suggested we could get a slight bump of cooler air by the second week of the month. Whenever it happens, the good news for you sick-of-summer folks is that fall will be in the air before you know it.

Watching the Tropics

If you hadn't been paying attention, there is a powerful hurricane nearing the Hawaiian Islands. Hurricane Lane, which reached category 5 status on Wednesday, is expected to weaken while approaching the islands and it is unlikely to have a direct impact, but it will be a close call. This has been a wild hurricane season in the Pacific.

Back in the Atlantic, things remain strangely quiet. Long range forecasts call for perhaps a disturbance in the central Atlantic within the next ten days or so, but the environment remains not terribly hospitable for storm development throughout much of the Caribbean and even in the Gulf of Mexico. For those of us along the Texas coastline, the last week of September typically marks the end of our hurricane season even though the actual season stretches into November. It can't get here fast enough.
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