Pink in Football: Five Suggested Improvements

Anyone watching football this month is seeing a lot of pink -- on handtowels, socks, hats, bits of uniform.

It's part of, of course, the vast Breast Cancer Awareness month program.

It's admirable, even if it does have the feel of overload. We think supporters should not necessarily go for mass use of pink, but rather strategically pick their spots.

Here are five ideas:

5. The jockstrap and cup You talk about auctioning off game-worn items: The market would be through the roof for these items, in certain markets.

4. America's Team Go all in. Ain't no way TO would dare stomp on this version.

3. Troy Polamalu He needs a different hair product to endorse, anyway.

2. Pink up that Bible And on the seventh day, Tebow went pink.

1. Show the pink

What was the groundbreaking slogan of magazine legend Larry Flynt? "Show the pink." If the NFL were to follow this dictum, we're sure it would raise a lot of awareness about cancer, and other things.

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