Not a good sign
Not a good sign

PISD Off: Pasadena High School Experiences Toilet Distress

A friend of Hair Balls contacted us this morning with an SOS -- that thanks to a water main break last night, South Houston High School had been reduced to three restrooms for 3,000 people.

The teacher, who did not want to be identified, raised the flag of "public health and hygienic hazard," in the face of Pasadena ISD's refusal to shut down the school for the day.

Not exactly, said PISD associate superintendent of community relations and communications Candice Ahlfinger.

Ahlfinger said only two student restrooms (out of eight) were down for the count after the water main break and in fact, during the course of our conversation, one had already been restored.

In addition, teachers valiantly opened up their faculty restroom to the teenagers to compensate for the shortage.

"Someone has either misunderstood the announcement that went out or has misunderstood the situation because this was the actuality," Ahlfinger said. "We make arrangements; we have a water truck that can actually go over so that we can flush the toilets and continue to have proper facilities for our students and staff."

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