Pissed Off Inmate Admits to Mailing Judge Threatening Letter

In 2005, George Yarbrough filed a boilerplate, handwritten civil rights complaint in federal court, claiming Texas prison guards in Huntsville pummeled him and broke his jaw while handcuffing him back in 2002.

Locked up on multiple charges -- evading arrest, unauthorized use of a vehicle, assault on a public servant -- Yarbrough sued Texas Department of Criminal Justice officials, claiming they failed to properly investigate his case and ignored his grievance. Nine days after filing his lawsuit, local U.S. District Judge David Hittner threw out the case.

Yarbrough appealed, to no avail. Court records show he wrote numerous letters to Hittner's court asking for an update on his case. When he filed a motion asking Hittner to clarify his decision to toss the case, Hittner rejected that, too.

Evidently Yarbrough let his anger toward Hittner stew for a while. Last September, while still in prison, Yarbrough wrote a whole different kind of letter to the court.

In Houston federal court yesterday, Yarbrough admitted to sending the judge a letter threatening to kill him as soon as he got out of jail. Claiming the judge had ruined his life, that he'd lost all his friends and family, Yarbrough ended his letter to Hittner with: "I'm coming to get you and your family!"

The feds say Yarbrough never denied sending the letter when questioned. After yesterday's guilty plea, Yarbrough's set to be sentenced in April. He faces up to ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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