Pittsburgh Steelers Team Christmas E-Card Contains Some Awful Caroling (w/ VIDEO)

It's the Wednesday before Christmas, and with the big holiday two days away, the amount of breaking news in the sports world will dwindle for the next 48 hours before we get it cranked up again with the Texans' playoff chase this Sunday. Later this week, you'll still get a Texans preview and this weekend's Best Bets (5-1 last week!), but the rest of the week (barring Odell Beckham and Josh Norman announcing they will meet in a steel cage at Wrestlemania) will probably stay pretty light hearted and holiday cheery.

To that end, NFL teams everywhere have begun sending out their e-cards to their fan bases. Technology is a beautiful thing, so beautiful that it allows you to say thank you to your paying customers in about 40 seconds worth of footage blasted out to a gigantic email distribution list in a fraction of a second. Efficiency, baby!

The Texans posted theirs, and it's very sincere, from the heart, and precisely what you would expect from the Texans, up to and including J.J. Watt's providing the finishing maneuver. 

The Steelers, on the other hand, have gone next level, with a "12 Days off Christmas" themed caroling video that has five Super Bowls worth of entertainment doused in a Cleveland Browns-level quality of singing. Seriously, it's some of the funniest, most horrific voice work ever, spanning multiple eras of Steeler football.

In short, it's amazing.... 

The highlights of this gem:

1. The very first line "This holiday season, the Steelers gave to me..." ... keeping it politically correct for all those who celebrate Hanukah, Kwanzaa, and Festivus. Very inclusive, Steelers!

2. A Franco Harris and Mel Blount sighting! With both of them mangling "Super Bowl IX". Does Mel Blount ever NOT have his cowboy hat on? Not that I'm complaining, he looks amazing in it, but I don't think he leaves home without wearing it. Getting a photo of Blount without the cowboy hat would be like getting Gene Simmons without his face paint back in the day.

3. Dude telling us about "eight conference titles" is JACKED about those eight conference titles!

4. The lyrics are a little wonky, like when dude says "Fiiiiiiivvee Pro Bowlers...." and then has to tack on "in 2015". (Also, this video came out before Pro Bowl announcements. Did they know already?!)

5. Gray beard Lynn Swann makes me feel old. 

6. Do the Steelers only have two retired jerseys? That would seem to be what the lyrics indicate, and if that's the case, kudos to them for having the self awareness that other star laden franchises like the Yankees and Celtics don't have, and that is this — you're going to run out of one and two digit numbers someday, idiots!! None of us wants to hear "Starting at shortstop, number one hundred and fourteen, Derek Jeter, Jr....."

7. Bad lyric choice on the final salvo ... "And the best fans in the NFL" should be "And the best fans in the whole leeeeeaaague." to keep that "eeee" sound on the final word. They should've consulted with me.

Merry Christmas!

(h/t TMZ)

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