Take THAT, Chicago.
Take THAT, Chicago.

PJ's Sports Bar Gets Some National Love

You can travel 'cross this entire land, as Randy Newman sang, and you will find only 11 -- eleven -- sports bars better than Montrose's very own PJ's Sports Bar.

That's according to The Chive, which is a Web site that from now on will be our go-to place for sports-bar information.

PJ's, which has nabbed Best of Houston® awards for both Best Sports Bar and Best Steak Night, is a cozy, friendly establishment on West Gray with an inviting porch for outdoor drinking.

PJ's was ranked behind sports bars in New York, Philly, L.A. and Green Bay, Wisconsin, the last of which apparently attracts fans of some organization called "the Packers" or something like that.

Number One was a place in San Leandro, California, a location which would require Googling to discover where the hell it is and we can't be bothered.

Anyway, congrats to PJ and staff, it's well-deserved. Some would argue Griff's, of course, but let them argue in vain.

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