Planned Parenthood Director Becomes an Anti-Abortionist Protester

This just in from Bryan, TX: Abby Johnson, the very recently former director of Planned Parenthood in that city, is now a protester outside the facility.

In an interview filmed by KBTX - TV, Channel 3, Johnson said she'd had a change of heart after viewing an ultrasound and can no longer support a woman's right to abortion.

Now, after joining the nearby Coalition for Life, Johnson is one of the protesters, which in turn, has caused Planned Parenthood to file a restraining order against her and the Coalition -- which doesn't stop anyone from their prayerful protest, but seeks to stop Johnson from releasing "certain information."

Johnson says she quit because Planned Parenthood wanted more abortions, which translated into more revenue. Commenters so far have leaned heavily toward the belief that she is a) doing this for attention and b) never believed in the pro-choice movement to begin with.  

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