Photos by Robb Walsh
You can find the truck 'round Westheimer and Fondren.

Plantain and Simple

Sabor Venezolano is the name of a taco truck at Westheimer and Fondren that specializes in arepas, meat pies and plantain dishes from Venezuela. A Venezuelan family who had gathered there to eat lunch highly recommended that I try the patacon, which looks like a sandwich.

But instead of two slices of bread there's some green plantains that have been fried together into crispy rounds. A pile of shredded beef, a layer of ham, some cheese, and lettuce, tomato and mayo are layered between two of the plantain crusts.

It tastes spectacular and its also very filling. A sauce made of cream with a little feta and basil, is served on the side. Chileheads might consider taking their patacons home and doctoring them up with a little hot sauce.

Chicken arepa $3, and patacon $5.

The corn cakes called arepas are split, gordita-style, and stuffed with your choice of meats. I tried the shredded chicken and loved it--after the addition of a little chile sauce.

The truck opens for business at 7 a.m. with 99 cent breakfast tacos. There's also a Mexican taco menu if you aren't interested in trying la sabor Venezolano. -- Robb Walsh

Choosy Venezuelans choose Sabor.


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