Tra--oops, Austin.

Playbill: Austin Lucas

On his MySpace page, singer/songwriter Austin Lucas uses the "Sounds Like" box of his "General Info" section to bitch about being compared to Tracy Chapman: "All I can say is that even though I find this comparison terribly flattering, I also must admit that I don't know what everyone is fucking on about," he writes. The Bloomington, Indiana musician's "Dead Factories" is a harrowing portrait of personal anguish amidst an economically dying cityscape much like, um, Chapman's classic "Fast Car." Lucas's "Darlin'" is a plea for sincerity in the same vein as, well, "Baby, I Can Hold You" and "Breaker Breaker" is the sound of someone reaching emotional bottom to frantically plucked guitar strings, kind of like Chapman's "Bang Bang Bang." Sorry, dude, for a heavy-set, tattooed white guy, you are eerily reminiscent of Tracy Chapman -- and we mean that as a total compliment. 8 p.m. Super Happy Fun Land, 2610 Ashland. For information, call 713-880-2100 or visit www.superhappyfunland.com. $6. -- Nick Keppler


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