Playboy's Finalists for Sexiest Sportscaster: Erin Andrews, Bonnie Bernstein, Charissa Thompson, Lauren Shehadi and Molly Sullivan

Playboy.com has named its five finalists for this year's Sexiest Sportscaster. And despite my best efforts, neither Carrie Milbank nor Suzy Kolber got the necessary number of write-in votes to qualify. The finalists are Erin Andrews, of course, Bonnie Bernstein, Charissa Thompson, Lauren Shehadi, and Molly Sullivan.

Erin Andrews was last year's champ, and she's well known from various sidelines - and spelling bees - across the country. She's ESPN's main sideline reporter for college football and college basketball, and she's the target of lust of just about every college athlete. If anything, she might be a bit overexposed, though I'm sure nobody would mind her overexposing herself a bit more in Playboy.

The next contestant is Bonnie Bernstein who has been around forever. She was on the sidelines for CBS for many years and is now a sideline reporter for ESPN. However, when I think of Bonnie Bernstein, I think of Bobbie Bernstein who kept having issues with Dan Rydell when she was a substitute anchor and a college basketball expert for the Continental Sports Channel's "Sports Night" program.

Charissa Thompson of Fox Sports Net and the Big Ten Network is the next contestant. I'm not really aware of Ms. Thompson as I don't watch "Best Damn Sports Show Period" and I don't have the Big Ten Network. However, she's blonde and she looks to be attractive.

The other two candidates are relative unknowns without an attachment to any real national audience. First is Lauren Shehadi who works for CBSSports.com. She came to CBSSports.com from a station in North Dakota. And then there's Molly Sullivan who covers UNLV sports for the Mountain West Sports Network. She's a former competitive swimmer for the University of North Carolina

None of my favorites are in the running for the award. If I have a choice, which I do, I will vote for Lauren Shehadi since she appears to be the big underdog.

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