Pleasantly Plump: One-Third of Overweight Women in Denial

Good news for chubby-chasers in Texas: a new study out of the University of Texas Medical Branch claims that "37 percent of overweight women and 10.5 percent of obese women were of the notion that their weight was normal or too low."

Published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, the study surveyed over 2,200 women between the ages of 18-25 "who visited several Texas reproductive-health clinics." The study found "that overweight women who considered themselves as normal weight had less inclination towards employing healthy approaches to reduce their weight."

Lead researcher Mashbubur Rahman was quoted as saying "Since one in four overweight and obese women think that they are normal weight, it is a big obstacle [we assume there was no pun intended] to obesity prevention efforts."

​Clearly, the researchers are anti-BBW and have discounted the vast population of folks out there who prefer more cushion while in the act of pushin'. Folks like the members of Chubbydating.net, which not only features BBWs, but SSBBWs (super-sized big beautiful women). (Note to prospective members; the section under FAQs titled "Enable Cookies" doesn't mean what you think it means).

Frankly, we don't understand why these researchers felt it necessary to point out people's fatness. And since the women involved were already visiting reproductive-health centers, they were at least getting some, so it's not like the extra few pounds were causing any romantic problems. We're offended by the study's anti-fat bigotry and proudly stand behind chubby women, even though you may not actually be able to see us. Big is beautiful. Who wants a cheeseburger? 

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