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"Please Don't Shoot Us": Chilling 911 Calls Released in Katy Mother's Fatal Shooting of Daughters

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The graphic 911 calls detailing a Katy mother's decision to kill her two daughters were released by police on Tuesday.

One was from 17-year-old Madison Sheats, who can be heard with her sister and father begging their mother, Christy Sheats, not to kill them. The other came from a neighbor across the street, who witnessed the fatal shootings after Christy chased her family out the door and killed her two daughters, Madison and 22-year-old Taylor Sheats, in the middle of the street. Their father, Jason, ran to the end of the cul-de-sac and was uninjured.

The first call from Madison is nearly inaudible, full of shrill screams, just after Christy pulled out the gun in a family meeting in the living room. Intermittently, voices can be heard begging, "Please don't shoot us" and, "Please don't point the gun at her," and "Please forgive me — I'm sorry." Toward the end, 45-year-old Jason pleads, "I promise you, whatever you want, I — " before another scream cuts him out.

Jason and his daughters managed to run out the front door, and that's when an unnamed neighbor who had also called 911 after hearing gunshots began to witness the fatal event. The neighbor said that Christy stood over her daughters and tried to keep shooting them, but appeared to have run out of bullets.

"She's going inside the house now," he said. "She looks like she's going to look for more bullets." Then, shortly after: "She's coming back again. She's coming back again. Apparently she has bullets now. Oh! She shot her again...In the back — she was trying to run."

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office said Monday that police had answered 14 calls for service to the Sheats' residence since January 2012. The Houston Chronicle reported that some of those calls were also mental-health related — some for suicide attempts, though sheriff's office officials wouldn't say which family member.

A family friend, Madison Davey, told the Chron, "I do want people to know the truth, and everybody is like, 'What is Christy's motive?' Christy did not have a motive. Christy was not mentally stable, and mental illness is a serious issue."

Multiple news outlets have reported that 22-year-old Taylor was supposed to get married to her longtime boyfriend on Monday. Her sister, Madison, would have been a senior at Seven Lakes High School this coming school year.

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