Please, Houston Bank Robbers: Put Some Effort Into Your Disguise

Oh, Houston bank robbers, you continue to disappoint. But few disappoint more than this guy, who hit a westside Randall's yesterday.

The FBI has dubbed him the "Rasta Robber," but we feel that's giving the dude too much credit. The feds say he was a black male who "sported a dreadlock wig, make-up on his face, and dark red lipstick on his mouth."

In our book, that don't make Daddy no bank robber, even though this guy also "never hurt nobody."

In fact, he seemed pretty hesitant about the whole deal.

Says the FBI:

At approximately noon , the suspect entered the banking area within the grocery store and stood in the teller line. He was approached by a bank employee, and he walked off, returning shortly thereafter. He again stood in the teller line, was again approached by a bank employee, and again left the area, this time actually exiting the Randall's store. Moments later, he re-entered the banking area and approached a teller, handing over a note which claimed that he would shoot the teller if she didn't provide him with cash.

No weapon was shown, and no one was physically hurt. He was seen leaving the area on foot.

Maybe he was just shy about his lipstick, or self-conscious about the pretty half-assed attempt at make-up on his face.

At any rate, if you see this guy -- who, despite his disguise, gave up a pretty good look to the security camera -- call Crime Stoppers.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.