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Weather Week: Odd, Chilly, Gloomy Few Days Ahead

A whole lot of this for most of the week.
A whole lot of this for most of the week.
Photo by Carey Akin via Flickr

Forecasting Houston's weather never gets boring. The sheer size is one thing. It could be 75 in Clear Lake and 50 in The Woodlands. Then add in the unpredictability of weather this time of the year and trying to figure out what is going to happen over the next 24 hours is hard enough. Predicting a week in advance is nearly impossible. This week could be one of those.

Much of the gray skies and dreary conditions we had over the weekend will continue throughout the first half of the work week with more rain in the forecast and, perhaps, a rather soggy weekend. But a lot will depend on the timing of various systems pushing through southeast Texas and if they are able to push offshore or hang around closer to Houston. Here are some possibilities, though nothing is set.

Monday will be the one decent chance we have for sunny skies at least part of the day. The front that cleared the area Sunday and took some of the clouds will allow for at least most of the day spent under sunshine. Highs will get into the mid 60s with lows around 50.

That same front will be stalled out and, paired with an upper level low pressure system moving through the region on Tuesday, could lead to some rain and even thunderstorms. Expect plenty of clouds with highs a little cooler than Monday.

By Wednesday, the rain will begin to taper off, but the clouds will remain in place as will the damp and cold weather. Highs might not clear 60 degrees.

Thursday brings with it a slightly different pattern with more rain possible as we head into the weekend. Temperatures Thursday will remain near 60 degrees, but we are likely to see a slight warming trend as we get into Friday and rain chances continue to expand.

At the moment, there isn't any indication of heavy rainfall, but accumulations through the end of the week could be a couple inches. Most of the worst of it will be in northern and northeastern Louisiana and northeast from there into the Mississippi Valley. More on the weekend on Thursday.

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