Plush Lounge gets lively
Plush Lounge gets lively

Plush Lounge Riot!! Or Disturbance, At Any Rate

The Plush Lounge south of downtown was lively last night -- as in an HPD helicopter hovering above, gunshots fired, and perhaps 300 people spilling into the streets.

KHOU reports eight arrests were made as fights broke out between Plush patrons and others outside at Drew and Milam about 2 a.m.

And here's one account, from a commenter at on the Houston Chronicle's 29-95 site:

The area that this whole slew of clubs in is pretty nice so it surprises me that every tuesday, wednesday, and thursday the trash that comes out of this place. I live in the area and saw 1 kid shot after leaving this bar and tonight heard another gun shot and saw everyone rioting and fighting in the streets. It ended with cops everywhere with shot guns. Why risk going somewhere that you're going to end up with a bullet it you? probably over some dumb shit too.

Trashy clubgoers!

HPD reported no injuries from the brawl.

Here's the take from our sister blog Rocks Off.


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