"Pocahontas" the Stripper: Luerissie Ross Charged with Capital Murder

You think I'm an ignorant savage And you've been so many places I guess it must be so

The lyrics of "Colors of the Wind" -- so inspiring to eight-year-old girls everywhere -- probably were not written with Luerissie Ross in mind.

She's a stripper who goes by the name of Pocahontas -- for all those dudes into John Smith roleplay -- and has been charged with murder in a February killing where she lured a man into an apartment-complex courtyard where he was robbed and shot by two men. She's charged with capital murder and aggravated robbery for the killing of Budrohoe Briscoe.

Court documents say a friend of Briscoe picked him up at the airport and said they were going to meet a woman named "Pocahontas." (To make things even more Disneyfied, Pocahontas worked at a strip club called Ice Cream Castle.)

Court documents say a friend of Briscoe picked him up at the airport and said they were going to meet a woman named "Pocahontas."

Ignored danger signs:

1. Pocahontas told them to pick her up at an apartment-complex Dumpster. Romantic.

2. As they drove away, Pocahontas made a phone call where she was heard to say, "Yes, there are two of them."

3. She then said she had to return to the apartment "to pick up her phone charger."

4. As they returned, the friend noticed "a white Lincoln parked in the back of the complex, possibly with two males inside who were crouched down in the vehicle."

5. Pocahontas gets out, then calls Briscoe to come to her in the (dark) courtyard.

Things went as might be expected: Two males jumped out, tried to rob Briscoe and ended up shooting him several times.

Ross admitted she'd lured Briscoe with the intent of having the men rob him, court documents said. She ran away as the shots were fired and was eventually traced by the the Gulf Coast Task Force to Katy, where she was arrested.

The investigation was helped by the fact the victim had cell-phone photos of Pocahontas, which we're sure were very demure.

She has been charged in the past with a similar aggravated robbery incident.

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