Police: Michael Brown Attempted Suicide

Michael Brown's hospitalization was the result of an attempted suicide, according to a Miami Beach Police Department offense report.

Officers responding to a 911 call October 24 found Brown lying in a master bedroom closet and found a suicide note on the bedroom nightstand. A female witness who has "been in an ongoing relationship" with Brown for six months told police that Brown "has been depressed and has been having suicidal thoughts for the last couple of months."

The report further states that the woman "stated that mr. Brown has mentioned in the past that since he is a doctor that he has access to all kinds of prescription pills. [The witness] stated that today Mr. Brown verbally expressed his desire of taking his life."

The report does not state how police believe Brown attempted suicide.

The narrative is a little fuzzy here: The woman told police she left at approximately 5 p.m., but called a male witness to check on Brown at 5:30 p.m. The male witness, who said Brown had been drinking "throughout the day," discovered Brown in the closet, "not breathing and the color of his skin changing." The man called 911.

Another female witness told police that she had seen Brown drinking wine "and that Mr. Brown was upset due to the divorce" he was going through. Another witness -- described as Brown's driver -- said he'd seen Brown earlier that day and that he was "happily intoxicated."

One of Brown's attorneys "was also on scene and in plain view was a large sum of money totaling $16,539" -- found in the closet.

We hope to have more soon.

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