Police Say the Catt Family Robs Banks Together, and Now They Get to Stay Together, in Jail.

A Katy father and his adult son and daughter have all been charged with bank robbery, and police believe that the family team might have knocked over as many as six other banks in Oregon and Texas.

Ten days ago police arrested 50-year-old Ronald Scott Catt, his 20-year-old son Hayden Scott Catt, 20, and Hayden's 18-year-old sister, Abigail "Abby" Catt.

Police say Hayden and Ronald entered the 1st Community Credit Union at 23100 Cinco Ranch Blvd. on November 1 wearing orange traffic vests and dark shades and carrying guns. The elder Catt also wore a painter's or surgical-style mask while his son disguised himself further with a fake mustache.

(No word on whether the faux facial hair was ironic, but the Catts did come here recently from Portland...) Abby Catt allegedly drove the getaway car.

In August, two men wearing similar disguises robbed a Comerica Bank at the Katy Freeway and Fry Road, and police think the Catts were responsible. Police also claim to have found surveilliance video from a Home Depot showing the Catt men purchasing the vests and masks, the cops believe that the family team might have robbed five banks in the Portland area before moving to Texas.

(Oddly enough, a team of alleged Texan thieves was recently caught burglarizing the homes of wealthy Indian-Americans in Portland and bringing back their gold and jewels to Houston. Is there some kind of Houston-Portland Thief Exchange Program going on?)

On her Facebook page, Abby Catt claims to be a Pink Girl at Victoria's Secret Pink in Katy, and on November 3, she had this to say:

"The interstate is going to eat your smart car."

Later that same day, she was more effusive and optimistic about her future:

"awh finally got the job interview i wanted! man im workin my way up to big $$!! so proud of myself ever since i moved to tx. we all have so much potential, some jus need to decide what they are going to do with all of it! there is great things out there, go and find it!"

Scott Catt, Abby's Harley-riding dad, recently attended Galveston's Lonestar Rally, which he assessed as "Fuckin' crazy."

Hayden and Scott Catt were taken to Fort Bend County Jail, where their bonds were set at $140,000 each. Abby Catt's was set at $100,000.

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