Police Union Files State Bar Complaint Against Jolanda Jones

Houston City Councilwoman Jolanda Jones, who last month filed a State Bar complaint against City Attorney David Feldman, is now the subject of a Bar complaint filed by a vice president of the Houston Police Officers Union.

Ray Hunt wrote in his July 15 complaint that Jones's behavior "outrages me, and my hope is that the State Bar will investigate to determine if Ms. Jolanda Jones has violated any code of conduct." (Hunt, the HPOU's second vice president, filed the original Office of Inspector General complaint against Jones, triggering an investigation that found Jones misused city property and interfered with the investigation. A review panel then punted the findings to the Harris County District Attorney's Office.)

Hunt didn't publicize his Bar complaint at the time, and KRIV just ran an unconfirmed report last night.

"Alarmingly, Ms. Jones...filed a State Bar grievance against the Houston City Attorney, David Feldman, for his role in the OIG investigation against her," Hunt's complaint with the Bar states. He also summarized the saga thus far.

A spokeswoman for Jones released a statement to the Houston Chronicle that "the council member continues to focus her time on issues that matter to Houstonians, including the importance of honoring an election and turning red-light cameras off. She has acted and continues to act within the acceptable standards of conduct and will not be distracted by politically motivated attacks. Because she is an outspoken advocate for justice and fairness, and a voice for many who seldom have a voice at the table, she expects to be attacked by special interest groups."

Which totally reminds us that we need to Tivo When Special Interest Groups Attack! on the Discovery Channel tonight. Thanks for the reminder, yo.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.