Politicians Singing: Where Does Colin Powell's "Call Me Maybe" Rank?

In what was a surprising move, at least to us, former Secretary of State Colin Powell broke into a bit of this year's song of the summer, "Call Me Maybe," today on whatever CBS is calling its morning show these days.

Let's just say he didn't nail it.

But was it the worst stab at singing by a modern politician? As it turns out, no -- that honor goes to one of our most musical presidents, Bill Clinton.

Here are five political attempts at singing, ranked from worst to first.

5. Bill Clinton, "Imagine"

A baaad effort by the first rock 'n' roll president -- it takes until the 2:28 make for Clinton to really sing, and he quickly proves he should

stick to the saxophone


4. Colin Powell, "Call Me Maybe"

He has the pitch of a barfly doing "Danny Boy" and the dance moves of -- well, Mitt Romney. But he definitely gets points for even knowing the song.

3. Barack Obama, "Sweet Home Chicago"

Obama is reluctant to take the mike, but when it's Mick Jagger offering it, you can't say no. Too tentative on the first line, he somewhat rescues himself on the repeat.

2. Herman Cain, "Hold On Just a Little Bit Longer"

Much better than his campaign, that's for sure. Impressively deep-voiced. Maybe he's inspired by Mike Huckabee on bass, but we doubt if that's even possible.

1. Barack Obama, "Let's Stay Together"

For someone raised in a madrassa dedicated to decrying all things in American culture as Satanic, Obama nails this, from the opening note. It's actually more of an imitation than an original take, but it's a damn good imitation.

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