Pool Battles In First Colony: Keep Your Damn Waterpark Out Of Here!!

It's tense times out in First Colony, the Fort Bend County suburb.

Residents are manning the barricades to prevent a plan by the community association to close five of First Colony's public swimming pools and build a $800,000 water park.

An $800,000 water park? These are not exactly the priorities the Acres Homes community association is dealing with.

At any rate, residents are circulating petitions, nefarious rumors are being circulated, and things are rapidly coming to a head.

"We are optimistic that the Association will STOP! the Master Plan," Jonathan C.C. Day, a leader of the opposition, tells Hair Balls via e-mail. He calls the project "unworthy of First Colony and unwanted by homeowners."

The park would be intended for residents only.

Day and others spent the Fourth of July weekend gathering signatures on a petition they plan to present to the association's board at a July 22 meeting.

The association board says the current pools are "expensive to maintain and underutilized."

E-mails going around town hint that the water park is the last chance for First Colony's developer to squeeze money out of its investment, and that it has to accomplish the plan before losing power over the board in 2012.

So mark your calendars for July 22. It could be the suburban association meeting of the century, the battle over the $880,000 waterpark. During a recession.

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