Pop Quiz

Question One: Craig Biggio’s just hit a grand slam in the top of the ninth to put the Astros up 6-2 over the Brewers. For the bottom of the ninth inning, you:

a. Go with your closer, Dan Wheeler – that’s his job; b. Go with your set-up guy, Chad Wheeler – it’s a 4 run lead, why waste your closer; c. Go with Brad Lidge – yeah, he’s your sixth inning guy, but he needs confidence building.

Question Two: Brad Lidge has just given up a three-run home run to the Brewers’ Prince Fielder. It’s now the bottom of the ninth, there’s only one out, and the score’s now 6-5. You choose to:

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a. Go with your closer, Dan Wheeler – that’s his job; b. Go with your set-up guy, Chad Wheeler – he’s got closer’s stuff; c. Go with Trever Miller and play that whole lefty-righty match-up thing.

If you chose “c” for both answers, then you, too, can be manager of the Houston Astros. Luckily, the Astros held on and won the Friday game with the Brewers.

Their luck did not hold, however, and the Brewers won the games on Saturday and Sunday. Apparently, the space aliens who stole Wandy Rodriguez’s body during his last start returned him to earth as Wandy gave up six earned runs Saturday night. On Sunday, the Astros tried with more of that ninth inning magic, scoring three runs before the Brewers got Craig Biggio to pop out with the bases loaded to seal a Brewers’ 4-3 win.

The nine-wins-against-eight-losses Astros play in Philadelphia tonight. Chris Sampson gets the start as the Astros make up a game that was rained out last week. – John Royal

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