Pop Rocks: The Ten Hottest (Non-Celebrity) Commercial Spokespersons

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The Old Spice Guy

You gotta give them credit, Old Spice has done a hell of a job in the last year or so making the cologne your dad wore sexy again. Or at least, getting you to associate it with a hot, shirtless dude instead of your gross, flatulent old man.

Erin Esurance

I was a little reluctant about including an animated example, especially since more prurient examples of Ms. Esurance are easily found when you turn SafeSearch off in Google. What the hell, at least she's not Sailor Moon. Plus, pink hair is very Suicide Girls.

Those Cialis Couples

These erectile dysfunction ads have everything: generically attractive older people, suggestive bathtub placement, and the titillating possibility of an unsafe drop in blood pressure. Whatever, it's worth taking a chance on a septuagenarian threesome.

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