Come on, come all.
Come on, come all.

Port Arthur High School Denies It's Banning Same-Sex Couples from the Prom

The Port Arthur school district says it's blindsided and not entirely sure where the rumors started that there is a ban on same-sex couples at its Memorial High prom, but officials say it's not true.

An online petition had begun -- in this day of easy online petitions -- demanding the district reverse the ban.

So out came an official statement:

The PAISD administration is aware of the statement that was made and will handle the situation with staff to ensure that no student is inappropriately prevented from participation in prom. The district will adhere to its responsibility to insure that no student is discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation.

There are reports that "an announcement" was made at the school banning same-sex couples; the school district says it's looking into that.

Those reports indicate that same-sex couples have attended in the past with little hoopla, so here's to prom night for Port Arthur's Memorial High.

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