Port Arthur Police Experience Their Very Own "I'll Be Back" Moment

The above clip is actual security-cam footage from the Port Arthur Police Department Sunday night. Or it could be, let's put it that way.

The Port Arthur News reports that a 53-year-old man drove his vehicle right into the lobby of police headquarters about 9:30 p.m. Sunday.

Weapon of choice: Not a Terminator semi, but a 1988 Crown Victoria, which is almost as large.

Sadly, police told the paper the man had been trying to commit suicide. He was only slightly injured and was taken to the hospital and booked on felony criminal mischief charges.

"If someone was in the lobby, it could have been 'not good.' We were lucky it was that time of the night on a Sunday evening," Port Arthur police Sgt. Steve Davis said.

The plate windows at the HQ have been boarded up and regular customer service is expected to resume soon.

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Richard Connelly
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